Production Services by T MG Production:

 TMG ProductionTMG Productions specialize in producing  music , video music, Advertisement, Websites and related works. TMG works side by side with some of the most talented directors and producers  in the entertainment industry to ensure that we will exceed the highest expectations of each of our clients. TMG Productions is located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and believe me when I say that video and music production is our passion, as you will no doubt see in our work. TMG Productions is a full service entertainment  production company focusing on music ,video and advertisement  production services serving the corporate and music entertainment world as well as the  Web industry. Our sole and main priority is to help you launch your product into a new realm. It is very important to go with a production company that will help you reach your marketing objectives and deliver a powerful message designed to produce a strong return on investment. So whether it’s your next  Album, music video for your next hot single or website and advertisement production for your company we are here and happy to help you every step of the way.

.About the founders: